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whoah. lily.

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neeewww journal [10:00 AM Fri, 08/13, 2004]
[ mood | excited ]

_____faded _____faded _____faded _____faded _____faded _____faded _____faded _____faded _____faded _____faded

i;ll wait for you 4 but i can;t wait forever

[10:47 PM Tue, 08/03, 2004]
[ mood | hopeful ]

tonight was great.
gorman is officially one of my favorite people
ever. i loooove that kid x 1237014275098
"dude, i made out. i am the gormanator"

i thought tonight was actually REALLY fun.

+ we finally met that nick kid. he brought us
FREEEE food from his moms resteraunt that was
verrry good. actually.

hmm...the back brace.
nuff said about that one.

i;ll wait for you 1 but i can;t wait forever

[11:39 PM Mon, 08/02, 2004]
cammpCollapse )
i;ll wait for you 9 but i can;t wait forever

SaBeRs + LiLLeRs [04:00 PM Mon, 08/02, 2004]
[ mood | chipper ]

g0d shescute: hey sexpott.
lack of color 0: heyyy hotpocket
g0d shescute: no sh. thats what anna called you.
g0d shescute: i read profiles bittttch
lack of color 0: lol...i know
g0d shescute: hahaha. i think this should go on your profile
lack of color 0: good idea
g0d shescute: because im laghing really hard right now
g0d shescute: and i have no idea why
lack of color 0: hahha
g0d shescute: haha lilli
g0d shescute: i love yuo
lack of color 0: it doesnt fit in my profile....should i put it in lj
lack of color 0: I LOVE YOUUUU!
lack of color 0: but i dont know what nickname i should give you
g0d shescute: yes. omg i love you.
g0d shescute: um okay
g0d shescute: lets think
lack of color 0: yeahh
lack of color 0: sabrinie is taken
lack of color 0: sab is taken
g0d shescute: lets seeee.
lack of color 0: is saby taken?
g0d shescute: i call you lillers.
lack of color 0: okay good one.
g0d shescute: saby! NO . ive been called that since 3rd grade.
lack of color 0:
lack of color 0: NEW one then
g0d shescute: um.
g0d shescute: damnit
g0d shescute: sabers : ) .. that one is so not taken
lack of color 0: yussssss

shes my sabers. im her lillers.
nuff said.

i;ll wait for you 7 but i can;t wait forever

[04:56 PM Fri, 07/30, 2004]
[ mood | ditzy ]

went to megans yesterday.
had mucho funnnnn
crazy psychics;shopping;pasta;
looking the part;cabs;amy;hairspray;
stilettos;metallic purses;windows;
fishnets;the roof;souffle;

soo much fun. even though we didnt actually
get to go.... :(

we didnt get to be little sluts.

today was fun. got to see hallie. saw the village.

Spennncer gets back tomorrow.

i;ll wait for you 5 but i can;t wait forever

[11:38 PM Mon, 07/26, 2004]
tonight was fun.

hung out with niv; haley; and shorty
at el galleria.
had some fuuun.

that;s what i;ll leave it at.

i;ll wait for you 6 but i can;t wait forever

[08:16 PM Fri, 07/09, 2004]
[ mood | chipper ]

just got back from in n out with zoe.

saw some pretty awesome people. hahahahaha.

"you look like you just got back from the cold mountains of spain;not mexico because it would be too cold"

"it;s not about the aliens; it;s about faith"

yeahhhhh...i loved them.

earlier today; i bought crap for camp; then came to sadie;s; did prank calls; then i wasn;t "allowed" to go with zoe to the galleria; that sucked;

but this is fun too.

even though it is my last day that i get to do anything. before camp.



i am missing *him* to death right now. and it;s only been 5 days since he left. welcome another 3 weeks.

dreading going to camp more than ever right now.


i;ll wait for you 8 but i can;t wait forever

[11:22 PM Wed, 07/07, 2004]
fuuunnnn first picsCollapse )
i;ll wait for you 4 but i can;t wait forever

[10:48 PM Tue, 07/06, 2004]
[ mood | crazy ]

nother fun day with zoe. at the mall

for most of it.

then we came home; worked on the scrapbook

and shorty n sadie came back from work.

some crazy shit happened; if you really wanna know you;ll call me.

i got a cell phone. it;s about time. my mother finally gave in.

i;ll give everyone the number later.

pictures of the day; to be added.

i;ll wait for you 9 but i can;t wait forever

[02:14 PM Tue, 07/06, 2004]
our adventure cont.Collapse )
but i can;t wait forever

[10:48 AM Tue, 07/06, 2004]
our adventureCollapse )
i;ll wait for you 1 but i can;t wait forever

[11:33 PM Mon, 07/05, 2004]


bffCollapse )

i;ll wait for you 2 but i can;t wait forever

[08:42 PM Mon, 07/05, 2004]

the day had to be special...Collapse )

i;ll wait for you 8 but i can;t wait forever

[ mood | he left today. :( ]

Mr. Nice Guy

This song is the price for breaking my heart / Should of written these words to you right from the start / You say it doesn't matter, how it's all in the past / My pain doesn't show, it's disguised by this mask / I can't pretend to forgive and forget / Gonna make the day you met me, a day you'll regret / 'Cause you're the dust in my eye / You're the rock in my shoe / Yeah, you lie, lie, lie / Better watch what you say, 'cause I'm on to you / Mr. Nice Guy, whoa, Mr. Nice Guy / You're so nice.

CrAiGs SoNg #2

I don't know if you'll forgive me / For being so blind / To how you felt / Don't ask me why I couldn't see it / It might take me years to figure out / And that's not something I know much about / But there's only one way to find out / Yeah, yeah, yeah / What I know is that I've hurt you, oh / What I know is that I suck / And what I know is that I'm sorry / What I know is that I'm a loser, yeah / What I know is I screwed up / And then I never earned your trust / And what I know is that everything I touch just turns to dust

love it.

i;ll wait for you 7 but i can;t wait forever

[10:19 PM Fri, 07/02, 2004]
[ mood | breathless ]

today was special...

the last day i got to see him
for a month.just thinking about
it makes me want to cry.

we all bought bracelets.

universal city walk;snuggling;
balloons;funk;cold hands;
digital cameras;palm trees;
clips;rubbing;nose sex; and then
came the security guard;awkward
i must tell you;then the running
josh called me a bitch...
i love his hair...he hates me now

i was a little late to the car
and susie was mad...

so yeah, me and zoe are twins now.


i love you and i will miss you so much
you don;t even know. a lot can happen
in a month; and i hope you will still
feel the same when you get back.
tonight was almost perfect...
if only it was longer...

i;ll wait for you 4 but i can;t wait forever

[02:51 AM Thu, 07/01, 2004]
[ mood | blah ]

BUDDY THINGS (with zoe)

retainer buddies
white shirt and jean buddies
streaky legged buddies
glasses buddies (well not anymore)
drunk buddies
eyes buddies
closet buddies
bra buddies
Bus buddies
Deal buddies

our deals:
1) No videos without lily
2) if i dont hang with the group one day, tell me what happens no matter what
3) if i worked at the camp, keep an eye on spencer for you (canceled)

i;ll wait for you 4 but i can;t wait forever

[03:36 PM Wed, 06/30, 2004]
[ mood | bored ]

loving life right now.

closet makeouts;toy train tracks;stuffed pigs;
gormans house;nancy;psychotic kamish;
horse feet;gum passages;biting;
buddies;haley-gorman;digital cameras;
bikes;neighborhood talks;complaints;

what a way to start off my summer.

spencer is leaving on sunday for camp.
i am mucho sad about this.


i;ll wait for you 4 but i can;t wait forever

as we go on; we remember; all the times we; had together [04:57 PM Fri, 06/25, 2004]
[ mood | relieved ]

graduation was today.
it was so sad. but
no tears came out.
a lot of the people
that i am in love
with are leaving.
afterwards, my brother
took sadie and i to a
movie. we saw
it was bad.
don't see it.
weird laughing
guy behind us.


i;ll wait for you 2 but i can;t wait forever

haley, you look like a leprachaun, with rootgrass........ [10:23 PM Fri, 06/11, 2004]
[ mood | high ]

best night ever.



.white guards.etching.winnie the clutching.


i love these people.

♥ ♥

i;ll wait for you 3 but i can;t wait forever

3 Girls, Some Pizza, And The Lord [03:25 PM Sun, 06/06, 2004]
[ mood | naughty ]

this weekend has been fun....

yesterday i went to sadie's house and we worked on the quilt, and FINISHED IT! wooot. finally. then we just hung around for the rest of the day. then, we went to the galleria, and met dylan and josh there, we walked around for a while then........i FINALLY MET SPENCER! yay. i love that kid, and i get to spend all of next year with him and sadie, wooooooop! i can't wait! hung out in the white room, and the other white room that's actually white. wrote on the wall. walked around to other mysterious places that i've never seen before.
so much fun!

today i woke up and me, sadie, and zoe just sat around and sang 'teenage dirtbag' while playing the guitar...and taping it. We made a little band....sadie is a bad drummer. THEEEEN, we made a......HORROR MOVIE!!!!! YAAAY!

'day of the living dead'. Bible Stories. me and zoe played zombies and sadie was the innocent-britney-spears-loving-preteen-girl. OOps Dabble! sooo funny.

i really love that family.

♥ LiLy ♥

i;ll wait for you 1 but i can;t wait forever

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